Golly Sandra

I totally forgot to mention yesterday that I got the title of this blog from the song “A Sight to Behold” by Eisley, and the title of this post from one of their other songs. I haven’t listened to them as much lately as I used to, mostly because I have music ADD, not because they’re not awesome. Lately I’ve been in an on-again, off-again relationship with Kate Nash, and I’ve been listening to Arctic Monkeys, Franz Ferdinand,  and The Wombats too. And I have to admit,  Taylor Swift has become one of my favorite girly guilty pleasures. Don’t judge.

Hopefully I won’t be talking about music much because I don’t actually know much about it. I’m horrible at remembering which band or singer sang which song, and I only decide that I like a band after everybody else has decided they’re awesome and then moved on to the next cool band. In other words, you probably haven’t read anything new about music in this post. But I do love movies and books, so I’ll definitely talk about those a lot.

My parents are having their 20th anniversary this Tuesday, and I decided to make a cake. Besides being fancy and celebratory, it’ll give me an excuse to try the pink lady cake from Smitten Kitchen. I love Deb’s blog so much- I have so many recipes bookmarked, it’s kind of ridiculous.  While I’m pretty good at baking in general, I’m not so good at making it look pretty. Every time I’ve tried to ice a cake, I’ve failed miserably. The last time I tried, which was at least 2 years ago, the cake completely broke. I had to hide the cracks that would not disappear under the white icing with a ludicrous amount of swirls and polka dots of red icing. It looked alright on the outside afterward, but since then I’ve been way too scared to try again. Hopefully it will turn out better this time and I can put up some pictures. If not… well I’ll just keep its ugliness to myself. Hope you have a good, restful Sunday!