Leaning Tower of Pisa Cake

I have an obsession with strawberries. At the grocery store yesterday, I had frozen strawberries, fresh strawberries, and strawberry ice cream. I went through the self-check just so I wouldn’t have to explain myself to the cashier. No, I don’t have a problem, what are you talking about?

In my defense, the frozen strawberries were for the cake I was making for my parents’ 20th anniversary. Today I made the Pink Lady cake from Smitten Kitchen, and I was really excited  because the batter tasted fantastic. (Deb warned not to taste it because you won’t be able to stop. I disobeyed, proving her right, but it was so worth it. I had to check for quality control, right?) I baked off the cake, let it cool for an hour, and then started on the frosting.

Long story short,there wasn’t enough frosting to make some pink and write out “Happy Anniversary,”  crumbs started getting mixed up with the frosting, it wouldn’t get all smooth and pretty like in Deb’s pictures, and the cake was a little lopsided. Now I’m covered in cake batter and cream cheese frosting and smell like strawberries.

I don’t blame the recipe. I’ve never been able to keep crumbs out of the frosting, so that was nothing new, and if I make this cake again I’m going to double the frosting recipe to make sure I have lots left to make it fancy. I might just use another frosting recipe too, because I finally decided that I don’t like cream cheese frosting very much. (I know, what kind of person doesn’t like cream cheese frosting? Apparently me.) I’m definitely going to make more Smitten Kitchen recipes; so far I’ve made the Challah bread, Blueberry Boy Bait, Spaghetti with cheese and black pepper, World Peace Cookies and Snickerdoodles, and they’ve all been incredible.

The thing I was most upset about was the fact that I didn’t get to use the Martha Stewart cookie decorating kit that I discovered in the basement yesterday. It has nonpareils, powdered food coloring, crystal sugar, and a piping bag, which I have been wanting to try out for ages, and now I have one! There’s rock sugar too, but I have no idea why you would actually use those  to decorate a cookie. Whatever floats your boat I guess.

Here’s the original recipe if you want to look at Deb’s pictures to see what the cake should have looked like. Tomorrow I’ll tell you how the cake tasted and what I think about X-Men: First Class because I’m going to see it with Nicole tonight. I’m so excited!