X-Men: First Class

Went to see X-Men: First Class last night with Nicole and her little sister Katie and it was awesome. I’ve never read the comics, so I have no opinion about whether it’s faithful to the original comics or not; I just think that it’s so much better than X-Men: The Last Stand and X-Men Origins: Wolverine. Actually I think it might be my favorite X-Men movie yet, largely because of Michael Fassbender as Erik Lensherr/Magneto.

I apologize in advance; I know I’ve talked about Michael Fassbender a lot, but he happens to play the conflicted antihero, and I love me some antiheroes. I thought it was really interesting to see Magneto learning and growing stronger; I was so used to seeing him in complete control of his powers that it was almost shocking to see other mutants get the best of him. The only thing that bothered me is that I really wanted some redemption for Erik. I don’t understand why he would want to perform genocide against humans when he was a victim of the exact same atrocities. The only way I can explain it is that Erik had a major Stockholm Syndrome thing going on with his “creator”/tormentor Sebastian Shaw. I thought it was sad that after seeking vengeance for so long, Erik eventually became Shaw.

So besides the fact that they didn’t subvert an entire film and comic book franchise just to make me happy (the nerve! hahaha), this movie was fantastic. I loved how they portrayed the Xavier/Erik relationship and the way Xavier taught all the students to embrace and use their talents.  The movie was surprisingly funny too; Mytique’s quip to Havok about small feet was great. And of course the special effects were awesome, which is kind of essential for a super hero movie.

I liked the costumes too; I read an article about them at Elle.com and the 60’s vibe is reminiscent of Sean Connery’s James Bond. I noticed this especially with Erik’s polo shirt and Xavier’s gray suit, which reminded me of Sean Connery in Dr. No. January Jones’ acting was a little… weird, but she  looked like a traditional Bond girl.


Jennifer Lawrence as Mystique was convincing, and you really felt for her frustration at having to hide. The scene where Beast says she’s not beautiful was heartbreaking, and I wanted to tell him to just get over his foot fetish already and stop acting like a middle school girl. Her allegiance with Magneto makes much more sense when you see that he was the only one who didn’t ask her to hide; his betrayal in X-Men: the Last Stand is much worse when you understand their history more.

And the best cameo award goes to Hugh Jackman as Wolverine. Charles and Erik come recruiting, and let’s just say it ends poorly. Definitely one of the funniest moments in the movie. You should go watch this movie. It’s definitely worth it, and I hope that they make a sequel, because there’s so much material for them to use.

My parents and brothers liked the Pink Lady cake and my mom thought it was pretty, so I would call it a success. I’m glad my mom is less critical of my cake-icing skills than I am. The cake was dense and buttery (in a good way) and you could taste the strawberries, although I think I would add some more next time. The cream cheese frosting was actually alright with it, which surprised me. Another Smitten Kitchen recipe that I’ll have to make again sometime.