North & South: Part 1

I decided to re-watch North & South yesterday, but a HUGE thunderstorm knocked the power out so I haven’t been able to finish it yet. But this time I realized how much I love Fanny Thornton. The first time I watched it with Karen, Fanny drove me nuts, but she’s really grown on me since then. Jo Joyner has the funniest facial expressions in the entire mini-series and is great comic relief.

Aaaw, poor Henry Lennox trying to be romantic. Too bad she doesn’t understand what’s going on until he’s proposing, leading to to a REALLY awkward moment. Ooof. I always feel sorry for Henry and all of the “other guys” in movies that don’t get the girl. And then I remembered that Miss Latimer totally has a crush on Mr. Thornton. So I thought, hey, what if they got married?

I’ll finish up North and South and hopefully talk about it and all the other characters tomorrow. The first episode of Little Dorrit should be here tomorrow, and I’m really excited to watch it. By the way, if you want to look at way more screencaps of North and South than you could ever need, just go here. And just for kicks, there’s a review of Becoming Jane that talks about Jane running away from Wisley like a swamp monster that’s pretty hilarious.