Blue Bloods


I love Blue Bloods (the tv show, not the vampire book series). Everybody loves crime dramas, but Blue Bloods is different because it’s about a family dynasty of cops. Great-grandpa Henry Reagan is a retired police commissioner, Grandpa Frank is the current police commissioner, and siblings Danny is a Major Case detective, Erin’s a lawyer, and Jamie’s a rookie cop fresh out of Harvard Law.The season ran while I was at Covenant, but I’ve been trying to catch up on reruns since I’ve been home.

Tom Selleck is awesome in the Jesse Stone made-for-tv movies, and he’s perfect as Frank, the glue that holds the family together and insists that all of his children and grandchildren join in Sunday night dinners. Frank’s son Joe Reagan was killed before the pilot, and the attempts to solve his murder connect all the episodes; instead of the individual cases in each episode being the main focus, Blue Bloods puts the family relationships in the forefront, which I really like.