Little Dorrit and “Holler” Bread

Finally got a chance to watch the first disc of Little Dorrit today, and hopefully the second disc should come from Netflix tomorrow. I think my brother will blow a gasket if I watch another period movie after this one, so he’s been watching Terminator 2: Judgment Day to balance out all the girlyness.

So far I love this series. The setting is a lot less gloomy than I expected, especially for a movie based on a Dickens book. Usually they’re all gloom and doom, but Little Dorrit is fairly bright and sunny, while still showing all the cracks in the dilapidated buildings. I thought it was interesting how the camera would slowly tilt whenever something mysterious was going on in Clennam & C0. showing that there’s more going on with Mrs. Clennam than you might expect.

Claire Foy is adorable as Little Dorrit, and has way more patience than I’ll ever have. Even though she’s the youngest sister, she’s the one holding her family together; getting her brother and sister jobs and keeping her father happy is definitely not an easy task. She seems less timid in the movie than the book, and I’m excited to see how she’ll deal with Mrs. General, who I absolutely hated in the book. It’s so obvious she’s head over heels for Arthur that whenever he talks to Pet I’m like, “Seriously? She carries one of your old buttons around because she’s so in love with you and you’re falling all over yourself for this ditz?”  And then I make Margaret Hale’s “What’s wrong with you?” face.

But Arthur is so sweet I have to forgive him for being so clueless. I think I might actually like him more than Mr. Darcy (the horror!) or at least I’m more impressed with him for helping the Dorrits. Mr. Darcy’s so rich that paying to rescue Lydia doesn’t really affect him, but since Arthur doesn’t have oodles of money it’s more of a sacrifice on his part. (Although if Mr. Darcy came up to me and offered to pay my college tuition he wouldn’t have to ask twice. Just sayin.) The fact that Arthur had such a miserable childhood and still looks for the best in people and tries to help everybody else you have to admit that he deserves a big hug. Don’t even try to deny it.

I can’t wait to watch the rest of it! My family can’t wait either, because after I’m done they might actually want to watch the movies that come from Netflix. Because I may or may not have hijacked the queue….


I made the Challah bread from Smitten Kitchen again today. Jack calls it “holler” bread which always makes me laugh. We’re going to use one of the loaves to make french toast for my Dad on Father’s Day. I had a harder time braiding the loaves this time around, but then I realized that it was because I had skipped two of the steps when I was writing the recipe down. Whoops! After that it worked just fine and ironically the first loaf actually looks better than the second, which turned out kind of blobby. Oh well.

Both times I’ve made it the crust got really really dark while the inside was almost raw. Maybe I’m putting too much egg wash on it or something. I put a piece of foil over it to help the bread bake through and keep the outside from burning, so I might just do that right away next time I make it. I made risotto for dinner too, and after that I was covered in flour and smelled like garlic. Yum.