Bucket List

Karen and I decided to write a bucket list last semester, inspired by our RA Sarah Barret. Her bucket list was super amazing, and I might have stolen a few of her ideas for mine. Thanks for the inspiration Sarah! My list is shortened a little bit just because originally it was really long and some of them only make sense to me and Karen. Now that I read through the list again, I might not be able to do all of these while I’m in college like writing a novel (Ha! Like I have time for that!) and getting a cat, cause they’re kind of not allowed in the dorms.

My College Bucket List:

  1. Come up with a ridiculously awesome prank that can’t be traced back to me- and then actually do it. Secretly laugh at their confusion.
  2. Learn how to knit/crochet- practice till I’m really fast so I can make lots of hats for myself & other people.
  3. Spend a whole day in Coolidge Park- take lots of pictures and play in the fountain.
  4. Get a window-box & grow flowers in our dorm room.
  5. Make myself a dress. (See # 25)
  6. Watch movies I haven’t seen before- even if they sound weird or not very good. If it’s a scary movie, make sure there’s somebody/something to hide behind.
  7. Play more volleyball.
  8. Get a cat and give it a funny name like Monkey or Hobbes.
  9. Read more Annie Dillard.
  10. Write a novel.
  11. Expand my movie collection.
  12. Take a ceramics class.
  13. Go to Build-a-Bear & make a stuffed animal.
  14. Leave random notes/presents in people’s mailroom boxes.
  15. Watch a Shakespeare play in the Globe.
  16. Eat spaetzle and schnitzel- in Germany.
  17. Create a website just for kicks. (Done! June 2011)
  18. Find my calling.
  19. Have a stash of emergency chocolate/nutella for girls on the hall in case of catastrophes/bad days.
  20. Master the art of packing light while still bringing enough clothes to wear.
  21. Pick a cookbook & make all the recipes in it at least once- find people willing to be guinea pigs to pick out the best ones.
  22. Have a food fight.
  23. Hug at least 3 people a day.
  24. Volunteer at a soup kitchen.
  25. Make dresses for friends (see # 5) unless they’re boys; I’ll just stick with food for them.
  26. Read Les Miserables.
  27. Have a Mary Poppins Purse that magically doesn’t weight 30 lbs.
  28. Make cookies for someone who’s having a bad day (and making them for myself doesn’t count).
  29. Get more sleep.
  30. Go on a road-trip.
  31. Play Halo with Jack & Andrew and try to get better. (Good luck with that!)
  32. “Adopt” a freshman and call them Freshman. (like Meg Todd, my Sophomore.)
  33. Save up for study-abroad in Germany.
  34. Get all A’s for a whole semester without killing my roommates. (An urban legend at Covenant: if your roommate dies, you’ll get all A’s for the semester, so people joke about killing their roommates “accidentally.”)
  35. Watch a meteor shower.
  36. Read my Bible more.
  37. Go on lots of friend-dates.
  38. Learn how to use a grill.
  39. Learn how to cut hair.
  40. Go to a movie opening night.