Little Dorrit: Part 2

So as far as Arthur and Amy go, we’re pretty much at the same place we were on the first disc. Amy’s still head-over-heels in love with him, and Arthur is still completely oblivious. So oblivious, that he tries to talk up John Chivery, since she turned him down on the first disc; that was the second most awkward conversation in the entire mini-series so far. But then he apologized and they were still friends, so that’s good.

But most of the other characters are being super annoying! Amy’s family is ridiculous, and when it comes out that they’re heirs to a huge fortune, they’re all, “We have to uphold our great position in society, so we can’t associate with anyone we knew before,” which of course includes Arthur Clennam. Boo.  The whole “What’s wrong with you Amy, why aren’t you trying to hold up the family name by being a complete jerk to everybody?” is REALLY starting to bug me. I know they’re just insecure because they’ve been poor for so long, but since they were pretentious before they  had any reason to be I have a hard time sympathizing with them. I mean, how am I supposed to be sympathetic to that little twerplet, Tip?

Luckily there are other characters that are fun to hate because I don’t have to feel guilty about not liking them because they’re supposed to be bad. Yay! Monsieur Rigaud/Lagnier/Blandois is a TOTAL creep. This is the first role I’ve seen Andy Serkis in since The Lord of the Rings, and I will never be able to look at him the same way again. Rigaud seriously scares me, and not just because he has no neck and looks like a big creepy owl.

Arthur proposes to Pet Meagles, but she says no because she’s already agreed to marry Henry Gowan- this beats the Arthur/Amy conversation in the most awkward conversation division hands-down. (For the record, whenever someone says “I have to tell you something,” NEVER say, “Oh wait, I have to tell you something first.” Because that has a high probability of leading to a huge puddle of awkward. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.)

Arthur recovers pretty well, and promises to visit her parents after she’s married so they won’t be lonely, and to try to convince Mr. Meagles to like Henry. There’s not much chance of that though, because Henry is a total jerk. He knows that Arthur is in love with Pet, so he decides to ask him to be the best man at the wedding, just to rub it in his face a little more. Arthur agrees to do it, even though he’s understandably not happy about it, and is probably wondering what in the world Pet sees in this guy anyway.

There are some cool characters though- I love Mr. Pancks, the  amateur detective who discovers the Dorrit family’s connection to the estate left by the Dorrits of Dorsetshire. He’s kind of Amy’s fairy godmother, even though he doesn’t look very fairy-like. My favorite part is when he burst into Mrs. Clennam’s house while Amy’s at work and asks about her great-uncle Ned. When she tells him that he died, Mr. Pancks gets oddly excited,  which confuses everybody else in the room. So funny!

I’m excited to watch the rest of it and see how all the characters work out their problems. I think I’m most excited about Mrs. Merdle and Mrs. General, because there’s sure to be drama with Amy and Fanny. Mrs. General’s bonnet is so ridiculous and weird-looking, I can’t wait to see what other crazy outfits she wears. I’m really proud of myself, because I made all these screencaps by myself! I’m probably doing it the most complicated way possible, but whatevs.  I saw a recipe for Banana Bread Pudding in Williams-Sonoma, so once the bananas are ripe enough I’m going to try and make it. I’m excited! My Dad is excited for me to finish watching this so he can watch his movies again haha.