Little Dorrit and the Case of the Boring Bonnet

Jack is a huge fan of Little Dorrit. Whenever he comes in while I’m watching it he sits right down and watches the rest of it with me. And even though he’s making this face  and makes fun of it the whole time, I know that deep down inside he loves it. Or not…

This disc was much happier than the last one. Amy is in Italy with her family because they’re all rich and stuff and Arthur is still in London. While Amy is listening to Mrs. General’s lectures about prunes and prisms making your lips look pretty (right…), watching her sister marry Edmund Sparkler just to torment his mother, Mrs. Merdle, and watching her dad’s sanity starting to slip, Arthur is trying to get over Pet, have Doyce’s invention patented, and clear his mother’s name. That’s one of the weirdest things in this mini-series- the police suspect Mrs. Clennam of murdering Rigaud just because he was last seen LEAVING her house… and apparently they haven’t noticed that Mrs. Clennam is paralyzed. I guess the London police department is full of Barney Fifes or something.

I think my favorite part was all the bonding time Amy had with Fanny, Pet, and her dad. And the fact that she secretly stays in touch with Arthur, because of course if  her family found out they would be all “WHAT?!?” I can’t wait to watch the last disc! Jack can’t wait either cause we’re going to watch Hot Fuzz afterwards to make up for all the chick-flickiness.

I had to go to the police station today to get fingerprinted for a camp I’m going to be working at, so they can make sure  I haven’t robbed a bank or stolen a car or committed any other felonies. I was kind of disappointed cause they just scanned my fingers, so I didn’t even get to do the old-school rolling your fingers in ink thing. And now I’m in the system so I can’t commit a crime and get away with it. 😉 There goes my chance to become a master criminal and then a consultant for the FBI, like Leonardo DiCaprio in Catch Me if You Can or Neal Caffrey in White Collar. Maybe I can become a mystery writer and then a consultant like Castle. I  think I just came up with my new life goal, haha.

One of my hallmates, April, is coming into town soon to stay with Nicole, who happens to be her roommate and I’m soooo excited! When we’re all at Covenant I run into their room and crash on their bed to talk at least once a week. I can’t wait to spend the night and have a movie marathon! Hopefully we’ll get to watch Tangled, because Rapunzel is April’s Disney princess look-a-like, and it’s just awesome.