Sense & Sensibility

I just finished re-reading Sense and Sensibility last night, and I forgot how good it is. The only thing that bothers me about it is that whenever I read it I panic a little bit because Marianne reminds me of myself. I don’t think I’m quite as much of a drama queen as she is (at least I hope not!) but we both tend to say whatever pops into our head, and have a few i-just-put-my- foot-in-my-mouth moments. So I guess as long as I don’t fall in love with a jerk and then get so upset when I find out about his jerkishness that I make myself sick and almost die, I should be good!

One of the best things about this book is the fact that it’s not a typical chick-flick-plot. In chick flicks, the girl is usually in a relationship with the nice but “boring” other guy, who she promptly dumps when she meets the dashing and oh-so-interesting hero. Blech. In Sense & Sensibility, Elinor is in love with a nice guy who happens to be stuck in a secret engagement, and Marianne is all swoony over a guy who turns out to be a completely awful person. Luckily, Edward’s snot-box of a fiancee dumps him for his brother so he can marry Elinor, and Marianne ends up marrying the really sweet “other guy” in the love triangle who is totally awesome even though he isn’t as swoon-worthy as Willoughby.

At the risk of making Jack freak out on me, I kind of want to watch the new Sense & Sensibility movie because I’ve only seen the very beginning. And it actually shows the duel between Colonel Brandon and Willoughby, and who doesn’t love  a good sword fight? I definitely do! But honestly I think I need a break from costume dramas as much as he does, so I might just wait till I’m back at Covenant so I can watch it with the girls on my hall.

In other news:

  1. Jeremy Renner is going to replace Matt Damon in The Bourne Legacy. Now I love the Bourne movies as much as anybody, but what the crap? First of all, why are they making a new Bourne movie without Matt Damon in it anyway? And second of all, why did they have to pick the one guy that really really annoys me? He was a major tool in The Town and I wanted to punch him in the face pretty much the entire movie. Personally I would pick Lucas Till (from X-Men: First Class) because he looks like a younger version of Matt Damon, which is usually a good thing for a prequel. Plus he’s a lot cuter than Jeremy Tool-Face. Just sayin’.
  2. There’s a new Mission Impossible movie coming out that looks like it could be good. But it has Jeremy Renner in it too. WHY???
  3. Kaley told me how good The Hunger Games series is, and my mom actually bought the first book for my little bro, and he hasn’t read it yet. So now I have dibs.
  4. I know I’m about a gazillion years behind on this one, but my mom and I started watching The Office from the beginning and guess what? It’s really funny! Who knew? (Besides everyone else in America.)