Little Dorrit and the Case of the Stale Crumpet

I love all the stupid names Jack gives to the Little Dorrit episodes. But guess what? It’s over! I’ve finished all of them, which is impressive considering my attention span rivals… a squirrel’s. Or maybe a goldfish.The first part was really sad! Lots of people die, including Mr. Merdle, who kills himself because his bank was a fraud and he couldn’t deal with the disgrace.  Arthur goes bankrupt because he had invested all of Doyce & Clennam’s money in Merdle’s bank, and has to go to the Marshalsea prison.But one person who died and I wasn’t sad at all was Rigaud. After all his creepiness I was not sorry to see him gone, although he did reveal the mystery of all the stuff going on in Clennam and Co. Andy Serkis is the man, because he nailed all the scariness of Monsieur Rigaud.

But the saddest part of all for me was the scene where John Chivery told Arthur that Amy was in love with him. I don’t think I’ve mentioned John before, but he is the assistant turn-key at the prison, has been in love with Amy since they were little kids, and proposed to her. She turned him down because she was in love with Arthur, and he is still really sweet to her and tries to be good to Arthur when he comes into the Marshalsea, all because of her. The confrontation between him and Arthur is SAD and when I was watching it all I wanted to do was give him a hug. I kind of wish that Dickens had told us what happened to him later, because Amy was right, he definitely deserved a nice girl.

It was totally worth it though, because Arthur’s face after he finally found out that Amy was in love with him (after John Chivery told him, but still) was hilarious. And the scene where they’re both dancing around and he says “How stupid you must have thought me for not realizing that it was you I loved all along!” and she just says, “Well, I did think you rather unobservant.” was adorable. If you like period dramas or Dickens at all, you would love this; there are so many characters that I couldn’t even talk about even though I loved them, just because it would have been completely overwhelming. I really enjoyed this mini-series, and now I’m kind of torn- do I want to take a break from period movies or watch Sense & Sensibility? Right now I’m leaning toward S&S, but I guess we’ll see what happens.