I have been so overwhelmed today since I saw that I was Freshly Pressed. That always seemed like such a vague, far-away possibility, like maybe if I blogged for 3 years it might happen, and I was soooo excited by all the comments and everything. Really, I was pretty much worthless all day because I was so excited. I even enjoyed the one Harry Potter-rant comment I got (that I didn’t post because “Anonymous” swore like a sailor and had an IQ of 0.2) because it was hands-down the funniest thing I’ve read today. Now I’m listening to Taylor Swift, because I’m in guilty-pleasure-girly-music mode, and I’m waiting for Jack and my Dad to finish up watching 24 so I can watch the episode of Next Food Network Star that I missed. Pretty low-key stuff for the most part.  Thanks for everything guys!

*By the way, the raccoon picture is in honor of the fact that when the girls on my hall were talking about what animals we would be (gotta love hot seat questions) they decided I’m a raccoon because I’m clumsy and get really excited about random things… and food. Plus that little guy looked as bamboozled as I’ve been today, so I figured it fit.