Danny, this is murder! …No it’s not, it’s ketchup!

Finally got around to watching Hot Fuzz, and it’s so much better and funnier than I remember! I love movie parodies that are kind of poking fun at themselves, and Hot Fuzz does exactly that. The first time I saw it, David told me to pay attention to everything because everything is important later and it’s so true! Especially when they explain all the mysterious “accidents” going on in Sandford and the “Fascist!…. Hag!” exchange between Angel and Joyce. SO FUNNY!

Timothy Dalton is ridiculously creepy as Simon Skinner. I can’t watch him in anything else now without feeling a little freaked out. His creeper lines like, “I bet if we bashed your head in all sorts of secrets would come out,” and “Let’s drink to their demise,” just send chills up my spine. Plus the mini-church spire part at the end really grosses me out. So thanks, Timothy Dalton, for giving me nightmares.

The bromance between Nicholas and Danny is fantastically hilarious. The scene where they talk about what made them want to be cops is really sweet, and the first time you see Nicholas start to like his partner instead of being annoyed by his immature “let’s blow stuff up!” attitude towards police-work. Plus they reference Kermit the Frog, and who doesn’t love the Muppets?

The dialogue is probably my favorite part, because it’s really well done and funny (and let’s be honest, everything sounds funnier with a British accent anyway). This is definitely one of my favorite cop movies. For the record though, this movie is rated R for a reason. It’s got tons of language, and it’s pretty gory too, in an Inglorious Basterds kind of way. It basically goes story-story-story-30 seconds of VIOLENCE-story-story-story-GORE-story-story-story-MORE VIOLENCE. To be honest, I haven’t seen some parts because David warned me about the gross parts, so now I know what to parts to close my eyes at; I don’t handle blood and guts very well. Whenever I cheat and peek I very quickly regret it. This is not something to let your thirteen year old watch, and it probably won’t be up your alley if you don’t like Shaun of the Dead or Inglorious Basterds.

Oh, by the way, here are the screencaps.