Anybody Want a Peanut?

Some people are part of fan groups with funny nicknames like Twihards, Potterheads, or Trekkies. While I don’t get a cool nickname, I am a Princess Bride fanatic. It’s one of the movies I grew up watching, along with Star Wars, Beauty and the Beast, and The Lion King. It’s still my favorite movie of all time and every now and then I get the urge to watch it right that second. Like last night, when I suddenly really wanted  some Cliffs of Insanity and Miracle Max, but I left my DVD packed up with my stuff on campus, and we only have the VHS version at home. Boo.

This is one of the few movies that I freak out if someone I know says they’ve never seen it before. Usually it’s not that big a deal and I very politely say “Oh, well it’s really good, you should definitely watch it sometime.” With The Princess Bride on the other hand, I go “What?!? You haven’t seen it? You know we’re watching it the next time you’re at my house/in my dorm room/I have my laptop with me right?” And then they have no choice because I will badger them about it until they watch it with me, which sounds like a bad thing- but 99.9% of the time they like it. (Which proves me right and not crazy… doesn’t it?) And for the 0.1% that doesn’t like it, I’m sorry, you might be awesome and smart and the coolest person ever, but I no longer value your opinion on movies.We can still be friends though… maybe.  😉

One of my friends that I held hostage liked the movie, but was a little bothered by Buttercup’s lack of intelligence. And while I will totally agree that Buttercup isn’t the sharpest tool in the shed, that doesn’t really bother me. (In this one case, because normally movies with really stupid characters annoy the crap out of me. But since this movie is nostalgic for me, it really isn’t an issue here.)

Plus, I love that the bad guy is oily and sleazy and named Humperdinck (a hilarious name makes for a great bad guy), the Miracle Max & Valerie scene, the “Mawidge” speech, Inigo Montoya’s vendetta against the six-fingered man, and Westley aka the Man in Black. I wanted to marry Westley when I was little, and can you blame me? He’s the Man in Black, for Pete’s sake!

So if you haven’t seen this movie yet, go watch it as soon as possible! And if you haven’t read the original book by William Goldman yet, you should because it’s almost as good as the movie and even snarkier. Don’t make me come over there and make you watch it, haha. 🙂  Oh, and screencaps.