That man is so full of himself, I’m surprised he can stay on his horse.*

One thing that hasn’t changed since I was a little kid is my Sunday ritual of reading the comics. Now I sometimes read the Lifestyle section if there’s a book or movie review, but other than that I pretty much ignore the rest of the newspaper. My mom makes fun of me about it, but it hasn’t really worked yet. I still need my Wizard of Iz and Peanuts fix. Last semester I discovered Kate Beaton’s webcomic called Hark! A Vagrant that’s about history, books, and other random stuff. It’s awesome! And I’ve even learned some historical stuff I didn’t know before. Basically she would be my hero if I had any artistic ability and could draw comics. Since I can barely draw stick people, I just go for my comics fix. And she has a book coming out in September I think, and I might have to get it.

So lately I’ve been doing lots of random stuff like:

  1. Going to the Lynchburg library to get The Help and it’s checked out- of course. And they don’t even have Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy at all. It’s usually a pretty safe bet that whenever I want to read something, the Lynchburg library won’t have it, but Amherst library does. Grrrr
  2. So instead, I got a couple other John le Carre books and Peter Pan in Scarlet because Peter Pan was checked out too. And you thought I was exaggerating about the suckiness of the library.
  3. Started the newest Emma with my Grandma and good grief, I hate Elton. So much. He earns an eye-roll every time he opens his mouth, which is pretty impressive because not even Mrs. Bennet or Hyacinth, the evil stepmother from Wives and Daughters, has done that.
  4. On the plus side, Romola Garai is a really great Emma, and Mr. Knightley is adorable. *And made me laugh with his quote about Mr. Elton, which became the title of this post.
  5. I got a Knitting for Dummies book so I could start on #2 on my Bucket List, and a book with tons of hats to make… and I’m not gonna lie, some of them look ridiculous, but some of them are normal and/or kind of cool.
  6. Hopefully Catching Fire, the Hunger Games sequel will come in the mail tomorrow, and I am sooo excited!

*See #4.