Chicken and Corn Chowder

I was in charge of dinner last night, so I made chicken & corn chowder from a recipe my mom found in Family Circle. I can’t decide what I’m proudest of, the fact that my mom said it was delicious (she’s a really good cook, so that’s a HUGE compliment) or that I made an entire meal without getting any of it on me. This is a big deal people. Usually when I cook I wish I was wearing a hazmat suit so that I wouldn’t end up covered in flour/soup/whatever I happen to be making.

My Dad did help a little bit; he chopped up the green pepper while I was chopping the onion. He was making fun of my lack of knife skills (apparently since I watch Food Network I should have the knife skills of a professional chef. Whatevs Dad), but honestly I’m just glad I haven’t lost any fingers. Last year when I worked in Covenant’s cafeteria they had me at the carving station cutting turkey to order. They actually did it twice before they figured out that giving me pointy objects around people probably wasn’t a good idea. At least the worst thing that happened was a couple people walked away with half the turkey. Whoops.

Right after the chicken finished cooking and I added the frozen corn. It looks like not very much chowder at all, but I used my Mom’s big soup pot because I overestimated how much chowder the recipe would make. We had corn my Dad grew in the garden in our backyard with it, and some cantaloupe.

I’ve been putting pepper (and sometimes salt) on cantaloupe for as long as I can remember. I think it makes the cantaloupe taste even sweeter and more cantaloupe-y, but it freaks out my friends whenever I do it at Covenant. My Mom says it’s a Southern thing, but even my friends who are from the south haven’t heard about it, so maybe it’s just a family thing. Does anybody else put pepper on their cantaloupe?