10 Things I Learned from Ip Man

  1. Ip Man was a Wing Chun master and Bruce Lee’s mentor.
  2. His wife was not a big fan of him fighting all the time, and wanted him to spend more time with the family. But when Northern master Jin Sanzhao comes to their house to challenge Ip Man to a “duel” and insults him all she says is “Don’t break my things.”
  3. Ip Man’s son, Li Chak, is adorable. In the middle of his fight with Jin Sanzhao, Li Chak came riding his tricycle through the living room and said, “Mommy says you’re going to break all her things.” Ip Man just smiles and says “Ok.”
  4. The Japanese (sort of) set up their own Fight Club: a Chinese man could challenge a Japanese karate master to a fight in exchange for rice if he won.
  5. If you kill and/or beat up Ip Man’s friends, he’ll challenge 10 of your fighters to a fight and completely destroy them.
  6. Colonel Sato is a jerk. He has a pretend shoot-out with Li Chak- except that he’s actually pointing his pistol at the little boy- and then hits on his wife.
  7. Don’t hit on Ip Man’s wife, or he’ll totally kick your butt.
  8. Martial arts duels can gross me out just as much as gorier movies: “Eeeeww, legs aren’t supposed to bend like that!”
  9. Shushing someone during a movie with subtitles doesn’t make very much sense- I’m looking at you, Jack!
  10. I remembered how much I love martial movies. Now I want to watch Kung Fu Hustle again.