I’ve had Better Days, Bon Qui Qui

So yesterday my inner Bon Qui Qui* made an appearance and it was… interesting. If I hadn’t already made a post about Ip Man, I probably would’ve posted something super snarky and/or stupid about the Jane Austen-itis and Mr. Darcy fangirling** that’s been going around lately, because honestly it bugs me. And even though Bon Qui Qui’s taking a break, I think I’m still going to talk about it… maybe just a little less rant-y. Great, I’m probably going to be kicked out of the English-major club for this.

Now I’m not saying I hate Jane Austen or anything. I decided to read all of her novels before the end of my junior year (I think) and I was all “Mr. Darcy is the best thing ever!” for a while (along with every other teenage girl who’s a Jane Austen fan). Except now… he’s kind of not my favorite anymore. I was actually talking to Nicole about this while we were waiting for the previews to start for Harry Potter, and she said “Oh that’s good. I was kind of worried for you.”

Inner-Bon Qui Qui’s still not sure what to think about that one. (Just kidding Nicole, I love you!)

But seriously, I’m not really sure that Mr. Darcy is exactly the best measuring stick for the real-life guys that we actually know. Usually, guys who act like jerks are, wait for it… jerks, not super sweet, sensitive and romantic guys. (And even if they are super sweet and sensitive, you should probably be worried that they would want to act like a jerk in the first place.) So, while I do sometimes need to watch some Pride & Prejudice, Mr. Darcy is not necessarily the ideal boyfriend.

So the moral of this post is: don’t use fictional characters as the standard for real-life people. I need to work on that department as much as anybody, because I’m an English major, it’s kind of in my job description. (For a while my ideal guy was Jason Bourne. Because, you know, I bump into amnesiac assassins with a newly rediscovered conscience on a regular basis. Right now I kind of have a celebrity crush on Jim Halpert. But he’s so adorable, can you blame me?) Clearly me telling people to not have crushes on fictional characters is a case of the pot calling the kettle black, but at least I’m getting (a little bit) better, right?

I don’t know if this makes much sense… maybe only Inner-Bon Qui Qui and I understand my babbling. If this seems super stupid to you, feel free to tell me why you disagree and who knows, you might convert me back to a Mr. Darcy fangirl. Maybe….

*Bon Qui Qui is from the MADtv skit about King Burger. She’s hilarious, and she showed up a lot when I was working at Chartwells last year.

**No offense if you are a Mr. Darcy fangirl. Please don’t go all Caroline-Bingley on me. 😉