What Happens in Drama Camp Stays in Drama Camp

This week I’ve been working at a drama camp at my old high school, and the first day I felt like I’d walked into a middle-school version of The Breakfast Club because there were so many stereotypes running around. There was the Drama Queen, the Hyper Kid, the Future Politician, the Rebel, the Calvin look-a-like (from Calvin and Hobbes), the Pretentious Artist, the Big Sister, and a few Sweet & Quiet kids. I was completely overwhelmed. I’m used to my younger brothers, who are both the strong and silent type, and little kids from church, so all of those rambunctious middle schoolers threw me for a loop at first. I caught myself wondering if my middle-school-self could out-drama the Drama Queen (the fact that I probably could have kind of scares me).

My middle-school-self was probably a lot like Rachel Berry

The fact that some of the kids were trying to pull stunts on me didn’t really help the situation. I was thinking, “I know you’re talking instead of practicing your lines because both of your scripts are on the floor. Who do you think you’re fooling?” And then I realized- to these kids, I’m a GROWN UP; you know, the sweet but sort of clueless teacher you can fool into thinking you’re accomplishing something when you’re really goofing off and sending notes flying across the classroom? Considering the fact that I only graduated last summer and am still pulling stunts like that (to be perfectly honest), I was not ok with being considered an old person all of a sudden. Something had to be done, and fast.

Luckily I knew Big Sister because I used to babysit her, so I sat beside her and a couple of the other girls at lunch Monday and Tuesday and ended up sitting with most of the kids today. We talked about superhero movies (we all agreed the new Spiderman franchise is a bad idea), Harry Potter, and The Hobbit (we’re all really excited for that one). I may or may not have recommended 3:10 to Yuma to Future Politician before I remembered that it’s rated R. Whoops! I found out one of the Sweet & Quiet girls likes imdb.com too, and Pretentious Artist was excited that I’d seen The Italian Job because no one else he knew had. Future Politician let me in on a prank he was going to pull on Hyper Kid, and I told my embarrassing stories from high school plays I’d been in and told them about Covenant (apparently 2 or 3 of them had been to Covenant for the Edge retreat). Somewhere along the way, they seemed to decide that I was not an old person and I realized that they’re pretty cool kids.

Today was a good day at camp, not just because of my newly-acquired Normal Person status, but the fact that I heard two of the boys making fun of Kristen Stewart (totally made my day: I was so proud) and that it was Makeup Tutorial Day. At first I was actually dreading it because there are so many boys at the camp and I thought we’d have to tie them down to make them sit still. But luckily Hattie is a genius and came up with the best bribe EVER. She painted a crazy-looking cut on the back of her hand and promised to give all of the kids one as long as they listened to her and stayed on track. I even got to learn some stuff, because whoever taught me theater makeup thought it was a good idea to make the person look like they’d been in a tanning bed for 3 years. Gross.

The best part though, was the fact that I got to practice my wound-makeup skills. My senior year we had zombie day for Spirit Week, and it was so much fun giving people gruesome-looking cuts and black eyes and stuff. I love doing crazy makeup for events, like face paint for soccer games and “bar wench” makeup for our pirate-themed hall in Around Founders. Anywho, tomorrow I’m going to be running lights and sound during rehearsal, so that should definitely make for an interesting day!