Who Knew Yarn could be such a Pain in the Betuckus?

I was super busy today. Slept in, which totally counts as being “busy” by the way, went to Walmart, bought 3 new movies (for $5 each! Totally worth digging around in the massive movie bin), went to dinner with a couple friends from high school, and started getting ready for a trip that I’m going to tell you more about tomorrow (I’m so freaking excited!).

So remember how I told you that I had two inches of my scarf done and I was super proud of myself since I’d just started knitting? Hahaha, I totally jinxed myself. As soon as I’d posted that I suddenly forgot how to purl. COMPLETELY FORGOT. So I put it away until the next day so I could try again (when I wasn’t tempted to chuck the yarn across the room). So the next day I start and SOMEHOW I KEPT ADDING STITCHES. I don’t even know how, but all of sudden 27 stitches would magically appear instead of 25. As you can probably tell by the all-caps. I was REALLY FRUSTRATED. Especially because I had no idea what I was doing wrong, so I couldn’t fix it. My mom suggested I try switching yarn because the yarn my grandma gave me was multicolored and shed fuzz like crazy, which would promptly tangle around itself. Grrr.

So 2 yarn-switches, 5 complete start-overs and 1 very grumpy would-be knitter later, I finally figured out what I was doing (knock on wood), and now I have about 5 or 6 inches done. I guess I stopped doing whatever I was doing to add extra stitches, because now I have 30 when I’m supposed to have 30. (I added 5 more because the scarf looked like it wouldn’t be wide enough.) And I know the stitches are super loose and there’s one wonky section where I knitted where I should have purled or purled when I should’ve knitted, but I think it’s awesome. Even if my Mom says it won’t keep anybody warm, I don’t care I’m NOT starting over again. So hopefully everything else will go well. I’m gonna keep this short cause I’m starting to get a headache and I need to go mess with laundry for the trip. I’ll tell you all about it tomorrow!