Did you say Denzel? As in Denzel Washington?

I love the Psych episode with the Civil War reenactment because a) we get to see Lassie with a very unattractive beard and b) Shawn introduces himself as “Captain Crunch” and convinces Gus that he’ll be like Denzel Washington in Glory if he joins the reenactmentexcept that he’s wearing a marching band costume. Gus does have a point though, Denzel Washington is kind of awesome.

I watched Man on Fire last night with Rachael, who happens to be one of my oldest friends (we’ve known each other since first grade) since we’re going to be leaving for school in a couple weeks. I’m pretty sure she liked it even though my Dad and Jack gave away two of the huge plot twists. Good job guys. Afterwards we needed something happy so we watched 27 Dresses. It was a really fun night, and hopefully we’ll get to hang out again before she leaves.

10 Things I learned from Man on Fire:

  1. If I ever needed a bodyguard, I would want Denzel Washington/Creasy, hands-down. (Unless Jason Bourne was available…)
  2. I actually liked how they didn’t glamorize the action scenes; they made it gritty and really realistic. James Bond is cool and all, but his kills look so clean that you don’t really realize the fullness of what he’s doing. With Man on Fire, there’s no way to miss that Creasy is doing bad bad things to these people. I guess I like that it makes you think about the people he’s killing instead of it just being some random Red Shirt that you immediately forget about.
  3. That doesn’t mean I’m not going to look away for certain parts because they’re just gross. I would be pretty much the worst assassin ever.
  4. Saying “Don’t mess with me,” to the guy who has your hands duct-taped to the steering wheel and can basically do whatever he wants to you is probably not the best idea.
  5. Lying to the guy who’s already cut off 2 of your fingers is an even worse idea.
  6. Dakota Fanning is a really good actress. I know everybody says that, but every time I watch this I’m even more impressed. The scene where she runs to Creasy right before the baddies grab her is heartbreaking- and she was only 10 years old! I still can’t get over it.
  7. Christopher Walken is always creepy, even if he’s a good guy- in this movie he’s the creepy old man hitting on everything that moves. Not ok.
  8. It was weird seeing Mathis from Casino Royale and Quantum of Solace with dark hair and a mustache.
  9. The reporter is one brave chick for publishing the photo of The Voice after being held up with a shot gun and watching her driver get shot. She deserves some major kudos.
  10. Pita’s relationship with Creasy is adorable. It’s probably my favorite part of the whole movie. I mean, she named her teddy bear after him! How much cuter can you get?

So the moral of this post is: go get this movie and watch it right now. Preferably with someone who’s seen it before so they can tell you when the violent stuff is about to happen.