Take a Chance on Me

Please ignore the last minute or so of this video; I’m pretty sure it’s from Thelma & Louise and I honestly have no idea why it’s there but anywho. Today I felt like Maxwell Smart in this video- all perky and excited. I bumped into my friend Abigail on the train on the way home from Boston (What are the odds? I still can’t believe it!) and she was telling me about how she’s learning Arabic and French, and now I’m trying to figure out if I can double-minor in German  and Theatre without killing myself… which I’m pretty sure is impossible, but earlier today it seemed like a real possibility. I guess I had a bowl of delusional for breakfast this morning hahaha.

I’ve been really antsy about school coming up so soon; because of the evacuation at the end of last semester I was throwing so much stuff in boxes or in the throw away pile that I honestly don’t even know what I left up there. It’ll be like an early Christmas when I start unpacking things- “Hey, I forgot about this!” But right now trying to pack is stressful because I don’t even know what I need to bring. Tomorrow I’ll be doing some more getting-ready-for-school stuff, and on Wednesday my friend April is coming to stay with Nicole, so I’ll get to see her and I’m sooooo excited! I think it’s time to call it a night, so that’s all folks! (In the voice of Porky Pig.)

Edit: apparently the embedding is being kind of wonky, so I’ll add a link just in case it doesn’t work. Sorry about that!