My Role Models (too bad they’re all fictional…)

A while back I talked about some of my favorite movie-heroes; the ones that make you say “Daaaawwwww,” and are usually only seen at chick flick marathons. (Exception: Jason Bourne, who my brothers think is pretty cool too, so I’m allowed to watch his movies at home.) Now that I think about it, some very important people were not in that list…. But I’ll have to fix that later because today is all about my fictional role models! I have real-life role models too, of course; for a while I wanted to be Florence Nightingale, until squeamishness at the sight of blood/guts/bones not where they’re supposed to be nipped that little life goal right in the bud. So here they are, all of my fictional role models! Drum roll please….

Elementary to Middle – school:

Beauty and the Beast was my favorite Disney movie when I was little, and Belle has always been my favorite Disney Princess. She looked the most like me, liked to read as much as I did, helped the  grumpy Beast become nice again, and got to live in a house full of magical talking household objects! Okay they turned back into people at the end, but that’s beside the point. To be perfectly honest, I always liked the Beast better when he was in Beast-form too; the Prince always looked a little odd to me… maybe it was the hair.

Buttercup might not have been the brightest bulb in the box, but she got to marry her one true love , Westley, who just so happened to be my first movie crush. And she was a Princess (although I don’t know if that still counted after she ditched Humperdinck). And she was really brave throughout the whole kidnapping; first by Vizzini & Co. and then the Man in Black. And she called Humperdinck the “slimiest weakling ever to crawl the earth,” and basically insulted him all the time after she found out he lied to her. Good stuff. 

I’ve told you how much I love The Chronicles of Narnia right? Lucy Pevensie was always my favorite female character (Jill Pole and Aravis are pretty awesome too, but Lucy’s where it’s at.) She walked through a magic wardrobe, became best friends with a faun, and became Queen of a magical land full of talking animals – who didn’t want to do that when they were kids?

Nancy Drew was the  super cool teenager I thought I was going to be when I turned 18- going all over the place solving mysteries with her two best friends. And she was super smart and had some major survival skills, so even if she got herself in a sticky situation she could figure out a way to get back out of it.

High school to College

I know Miranda Priestly’s the villain of The Devil Wears Prada, but she was so much more interesting than Andie (at least to me). Whenever I watched this movie at high school sleepovers I thought how great it would be to be able to make people shake in their boots just by walking down the hallway, to show my opinion just by pursing my lips, and to make people scramble to accommodate my every whim. Luckily for everyone else, I would feel too guilty to actually do that to people, but it’s kind of fun to imagine being that important and that sure of what I like and want.

Ana Pascal made me seriously consider becoming a baker because she’s just so awesome in Stranger than Fiction (which just happens to be one of my favorite movies). Her bakery seems so awesome; I love the way it’s decorated, she knows all the customers, and I love the way she dresses. She also has some pretty awesome tattoos… don’t worry Mom, I’m not going to come home with any tattoos! I think I would look funny if I got any. I loved her explanation of why she left Harvard Law to open her own bakery, “I just figured that if I was going to make the world a better place, I would do it with cookies.” Which sounds like a really cool idea to me – seriously, I was this close to wanting to become a baker myself.

I told you I love Stranger than Fiction! Emma Thompson is great in everything she does, but Kay Eiffel is definitely my favorite of all the characters I’ve seen her play. And not just because she plays a writer and I’ve wanted to be a writer since I was in 6th grade; she has some of the funniest lines  in the whole movie. “I don’t need the nicotine patch, Penny, I smoke cigarettes!” Definitely the best quirky writer I’ve seen in a movie.

What girl hasn’t wanted to be Hermione? She’s smart, keeps Harry and Ron on track, and is just awesome in general. I think every girl identifies with all the drama surrounding the Yule Ball, and the moment where she comes walking down the stairs all fancy and gussied up is like the Cinderella moment all the chick flicks and Taylor Swift songs talk about. And I bicker and banter with my friends just like she does with Ron

Inglorious Basterds’ Bridget von Hammersmark reminds me of Nancy Drew… if Nancy was a German-movie-star-turned-spy in WWII. I love the way she used her status as a glamorous actress as a cover for her spying. I’ve already admitted that I have a slight obsession with spy movies, but being able to be a famous actress and a spy would be the coolest job ever! Personally I think that using your feminine charms and a good cover is one of the best ways for a spy to find out information, and is a heck of a lot more subtle than James Bond’s shoot-em-up technique. It doesn’t hurt that Diane Kruger’s such a good actress; the scene where uber-creep Col. Landa confronts her at the movie premiere is just terrifying.

Now I want to read all of these books and watch all of these movies again, but unfortunately most of them are packed up at Covenant or I don’t own them. Sad. Do you guys have any fictional role models?