Fantastic Mr. Fox

Had our first hall event with our Brother Hall yesterday; we ate ice cream and watched The Fantastic Mr. Fox. I had heard that it was strange and wasn’t expecting much, but I actually loved it! The stop motion is a little strange at first- the foxes running while they try to steal chickens actually made me laugh because they were so herky-jerky but eventually I didn’t notice it anymore. It’s a really cute feel-good movie with a strange twist on it- I mean, it’s based on a Roald Dahl book, so it kind of has to be pretty weird.

I had a super stressful week, but my roommates had a couple spontaneous dance parties and Disney sing-alongs, so over-all it was an okay week. (Or maybe I just think that because it’s finally over haha.) But I’m taking tomorrow completely off and I’m going to make croissants with Dima and work on my Kilter costume… right after I figure out officially what we’re going as. I’ll probably do some Acting homework too, which doesn’t really count as homework because all I have to do is pantomime eating ice cream and getting brain freeze on Monday. Can I just say I love my acting class?

My roommates and I are going to Swingfest tonight and I’m so excited! We’re trying to get a whole bunch of people together and it’s going to be really fun! I can’t wait!