Getting my Laugh-at-Orlando-Bloom On

Captain Obvious moment: I’ve disappeared for the past week This weekend was crazy and included lots of adventures like thinking I lost my notebook that has my notes for all my classes, my syllabuses, and the costume shopping list- basically my entire life which led to a panicked search through my entire hall and Sanderson… only to find I left it at a friend’s house. I never thought I’d be the one to freak out over a notebook… now I can’t judge the people that do anymore. Sad 😉 And then Saturday night I went to Genghis Grill with Karen and Teddy and James and jumped around in the Coolidge Park fountain and completely wiped out. It was hilarious, even though I kind of maimed my foot. At least James let me ride home even though I was soaking wet.

So to apologize for not reviewing any movies lately (in my defense, I’ve been watching mostly Psych, Friends, and How I Met Your Mother so those don’t really count), I thought that I’d have an Orlando-Bloom-as-Buckingham appreciation post. Doesn’t he look dashing? And by dashing I mean ridiculous; his ear ring’s my favorite thing about his outfit (which is impressive because his cocky eyebrow raise and huge pinky ring are pretty tool-a-rific). Can’t wait to see this movie!!!