Lord of the Rings-ing it Up!

No idea how this applies to this post, it just makes me laugh

Oh, don’t mind me, I’ve just been watching all three of the extended Lord of the Rings. In my defense, I watched The Fellowship of the Ring and The Two Towers on Sunday, and it’s taken me Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday to finish The Return of the King. And I still managed to finish my Acting homework/critique of UTC’s Picnic, watch the latest Castle episode, have a meeting about costume stuff, eat, sleep, and go to class. I’m honestly dying for Fall Break and I have even less motivation to do homework than usual. Not gonna lie, I didn’t think that was possible. I’m reaching all-new lows of motivation levels guys. And I’m really slap-happy. This should be an interesting night!

Since forming coherent sentences has been interesting today, I’m just going to talk about all the random stuff that’s been pinging around in my brain lately.

I saw the new stills from Anonymous (the movie I talked about here) and they are gorgeous. Just beautiful; the costumes are so beautifully embroidered that it looked like I could touch them through the screen. Not that I did that or anything… 😉 and the set’s gorgeous too. Even if this movie is totally lame I’m going to see it just because it’s so pretty. But I actually noticed something really funny. This guy…

Is named Xavier Samuel, and he plays the Earl of Southampton, and he’s super fancy- you can tell by his luscious curls. But I recognized him because he just so happened to play…

Riley in Eclipse. Kudos to him for breaking out of the vampire-teenage-girl-omg-so-hot stereotype, but this is really funny to me, and I just know I’m going to bug the other people in the theater because I’ll be snickering to myself whenever he’s onscreen. I’ll never  be able to take anyone from the Twilight movies seriously because those movies are prime mocking material for me. (I’ve had multiple Twilight marathons with Rachael solely to laugh at them. They’re so awful they almost make fun of themselves, which makes our jobs even more fun!) Sorry Xavier, nothing personal. At least you have pretty hair now.

Maybe he's born with it... maybe it's Maybelline

Speaking of pretty hair, Karen and I were talking about how ridiculously awesome all the guys in Lord of the Rings are- Aragorn (duh), Eomer (who is severely underrated and in need of a nice girl at the end- really Tolkien, what gives?), Sam (also underrated), Faramir (he’s even cooler in the books because he isn’t stupid to Frodo), Boromir (jerkface, but at least he redeemed himself), Gimli (funny + axe skills = instant cool points). And then Legolas. Poor guy- he’s awesome in the fight scenes, but as soon as the battle’s over he’s reduced to looking pretty and saying “mysterious” Elf-y stuff. Karen and I decided that unless he’s showing off his ridiculous archery skills he’s pretty much only good for hair commercials.

Saw these and decided they needed to be my replacement Toms after the ones I have now die. But I checked the website and couldn’t see them anywhere, which makes that slightly problematic. SO I think I’ll just buy a solid pair with Christmas/ birthday money and then bribe Mindy with cookies/ pie to help me paint them and make them all pretty. I’m so excited!

I’m leaving for home tomorrow and I can’t wait for real food and birthday parties and to see my family and friends and stuff. I’m also looking forward to having a decent internet connection, so I’ll be bringing my laptop along. Yay!