Fall Break!!!

This comic makes me laugh; XKCD is  one of my favorite webcomics, even though sometimes the computer programming/physics/math jokes are a little bit over my head. I always like the movie/book jokes though. Plus whenever I mention that I read it my guy friends are really impressed. So, ladies, if you want to earn 20 extra cool points, just mention it and you’ll immediately be cooler (at least if your friends are physics majors/computer nerds).

Lately I’ve missed writing for SB, and I was thinking about how I could update more without making myself crazy. I was thinking about doing shorter posts- just little blurbs about a funny picture or a random thought about a movie I’d just seen, and then I can do longer posts every 2 weeks or so. I think it’ll be the most realistic way for me to post regularly without adding extra stress to my life, which I honestly don’t really need at the moment.

I also update my Tumblr, Bavarian Sugar Cookies at least once or twice a day, because it has this queue thing that will automatically make posts without me having to do anything. It’s awesome. Sometimes it’s pictures/quotes/stuff I’ve found myself, and other times it’s just stuff I’ve “reblogged” from other people, but either way it stays pretty consistent because it’s easier to update than SB; writing posts takes me a lot longer than just posting pictures. I think it’s kind of funny that if you look through Sight to Behold it’s mostly about spy and action movies, but if you look through my Tumblr it has lots of pretty pictures, with Princess Bride, Lord of the Rings, and Disney mixed in. Apparently I’m more of a girly-girl than I thought I was. 😉

All I’ve been doing on Fall Break so far is sleep, hang out with my family, and watch TV, and it’s been so nice I almost don’t want to go back to school! My brother introduced me to the Walking Dead, but I haven’t watched the newest episode because I figured I should finish the last season first. It’s really gross, but I like that Rick acknowledges that each zombie was once a human being. He apologizes to the one legless zombie and checks the drivers license of the zombie they’re about to use to stinkify themselves. That’s unusual for most of the zombie movies I’ve seen, and I really appreciated that. I’m interested to see if he keeps that up for the rest of the series.