Don’t Let your Fathers Eat Pie!!!

I saw Hot Rod with Karen and Dima a couple weeks ago, and it was hilarious! It’s a lot like Napoleon Dynamite (but better!), and it’s definitely the kind of movie that you need to watch with a bunch of people; it wouldn’t have been nearly as funny if I watched it by myself.

It also wouldn’t have been nearly as funny without Andy Samberg. He makes the weirdest faces ever, and the “cool beans” and punch-dance scenes are really funny. My favorite scene would probably have to be the “Whiskey” scene though, because we’re still quoting it 2 weeks later.

This movie is was way better than Nacho Libre (sorry, but I just can’t get into it. Sometimes Jack Black is funny, but in that movie he just wasn’t.) I might end up watching it again whenever I need to “punch-dance my rage,” aka watch something random and goofy, and the intense  fight scenes between Rod and his stepdad don’t hurt.

He won't be smiling after I MURDER HIM!

Edit: I noticed some typos yesterday… and they bug me a lot, so I had to fix them. “Andy” apparently becomes “Any” and when I move around sentences sometimes the remnants don’t want to let go… which leads to awkward sentences. Sorry guys!