Technically Lisztomania has to do with musician Franz Liszt’s hysterical fans (Isn’t it hilarious that a pianist named Franz had fangirls back in 1841? Fun history fact of the day!), but it sounds like a list obsession or phobia, so it seemed like a good title for this post since it’s a list of random thoughts. Plus it’s a really good song by Phoenix; if you haven’t heard it you really should change that as soon as possible. (Even though it comes up in my Arctic Monkeys pandora station all the time and I think my musical ADD is in need of a genre change. You still need to go listen to them, and Arctic Monkeys for that matter.)

These are some random thoughts that have been rattling around in my brain lately; don’t worry, they aren’t too scary. Although my brain has been kind of stuck in panic mode lately; I promise, no “Go, go, go! We’re all going to die if you don’t get this done right now!” comments. Not even from Remy.

  • Speaking of Ratatouille, can I just say that the flashback to Ego’s childhood is the best scene of the entire movie, and maybe my favorite Pixar scene ever (and that’s saying a lot). They capture the emotions perfectly, without any dialogue at all. It’s just so good- I tear up a little every time I watch it. It reminds me of Stranger than Fiction, when Ana says “After you’d had a terrible, no-good day, didn’t your mama ever make you milk and cookies?” That’s the kind of mom I want to be when I have kids. I have a feeling Ratatouille‘s going to end up on my Christmas wish-list this year.

  • I saw Crazy, Stupid, Love on Saturday, and I really liked it; minus pretty much all the scenes with the babysitter. Her crush on Cal and posing for the sketchy pictures? Ew. Her giving them to Robbie at the end of the movie? Double EW! Not okay. But I loved the banter between Hannah and Jacob. I always love Emma Stone, but this is the first time I understood all the hype about Ryan Gosling. Before I just thought he was okay, but during the movie the light bulb finally went off.  A girl behind me in the theater whispered, “How can he be so attractive?” when he was eating the Sbarro’s pizza in his ridiculously expensive (and awesome) suit. Karen and I both nearly burst out laughing at that one.

  • The dedication to one of the books on Tennyson I got at the library today was, “To a young woman of an old fashion who loves art not only for its own sake but because it ennobles life, who reads poetry not to kill time but to fill it with beautiful thoughts, and who still believes in God and duty and immortal love I dedicate this book.” Aaaaawww.
  • My registration starts next week, but first my advisor is asking if I can take Children’s Literature as an elective since it’s an Education class and I’m an English major. I really really want to take it because you get to write and illustrate/have someone with artistic talent illustrate a children’s book for your final project, which sounds really fun! So I really really really hope they give me credit for it so I can take it… fingers crossed!
  • I got a couple bottles of nail polish while I was home for break, and one of them is this kind of weird grayish-green color. I used it for my toes, because my Mom thought it’d look funny on my hands, but I just can’t decide whether I like it or not…. so the logical decision was to paint my fingernails with it too. I still can’t decide, but it was a good way to kill bored/procrastination time.

  • Costume parade for Gamma Rays is next Wednesday (ack!) and I’m sooo nervous! Especially because a lot of things are less in my control than they were the last show, which means that, although I don’t have to buy as many things/ have as many panic attacks (which is nice), Libby and Annie are altering/ making from scratch a lot of the things, and we’re a week behind because of Fall break and all that fun stuff. So I’m really scared, but at the moment I’m coping by being in denial about all of it. We’ll see how long that lasts…
  • I’m bribing myself to do my homework by re-reading the first Harry Potter book after I finish everything. So I should probably get back to that so I have time to read before I’m so exhausted I have to go take a shower and go to bed.