Hoedown Throwdown!

For the past 2 years my hall has set up a table at Covenant.org with goofy applications for guys to apply to be “Jungle Gents” — which basically means they get invited to fun hall events and things like that. For our first official Jungle Gent event of the year we had a Fall Festival, and while it sadly wasn’t actually a Hoedown because there wasn’t any dancing, we still had pumpkin carving, corn hole, board games, s’mores and caramel apple-making, pumpkin pies,apple crisp and dark hot chocolate, which is so much better than regular hot chocolate. I think it was one of our best Jungle Gent events yet.

Then after that Karen and Mary made cookie dough and got a bunch of people to watch the animated Disney Robin Hood movie. It was super cute, and I was really surprised that we remembered all the quotes. We decided that Nicole is Lady Kluck and Karen is Skippy the rabbit’s little sister (of “Mind youw mannews,” and “Mama, mama, wait fow me!” fame). Mary felt really sorry for Sir Hiss because Prince John was so mean to him, but honestly, what else could you expect from a tyrant who sucks his thumb? “Hiss! You’re never around when I need you!” and “PJ! I like that, you know I do! Hiss, put that on my luggage!” and of course,Β  “Ooooh, MOMMY!!!” were all great quotes- he’s definitely one of the whiniest villains Disney’s ever had.

And then, because this weekend wasn’t crazy enough already, we had a hall photo shoot today after church. Which was really fun, even though we had a hard time not clumping together for all the pictures. Who knew spreading out could be so difficult?