The New Harry Potter

So my roomie Karen slipped while she was running down the stairs yesterday and banged her head on the railing- hard enough to get a little goose egg. She’s been reading the Harry Potter for the first time recently, and she informed me this morning that she thinks she’s the new Harry Potter because now she has a scar that only hurts randomly. She was joking, but I still judged her a lot, which she found pretty funny. At least I’m not the only dork in our room anymore.

I’ve been severely behind on my new-movie watching because I’ve been waiting for things to go to the dollar theater. (I did watch Wild Target on Netflix though, which is super hilarious! Mindy swears Rose is just like me because of her bickering with Tony, yelling “Wait! Wait!” while lugging her ridiculously over-packed suitcase behind her, and my favorite line of the movie, “I’ve only known you three hours and it would already take me three days to list all the reasons I hate you!” Good stuff.)

I’ve been waiting for The Three Musketeers to hit the dollar theater so I can finally watch it and I’ve been super impatient about it. Just ask my roommates. Maybe I can convince them to go with me over Thanksgiving Break… which is next week! I’m so excited! I was going through old posts that list all the upcoming movies I wanted to see, and so far I’ve seen 3 of the 9 (Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2 made both lists). 3 of the movies aren’t coming out until December/ sometime next year, so as long as I catch up before then I should be okay.