So Freakin’ Excited!

So I’m sure you’ve already seen the new Hunger Games trailer if you’re a fan, but just in case you haven’t, here it is.

I’m so ridiculously excited, you don’t even know. To be perfectly honest, I was kind of expecting to be disappointed by the movie, but the trailer looks so good that I’m completely on board now. Just in time for me to wait 4 months to watch it, of course. I’m especially interested in how they do  the costumes, and how the cast will interact with each other, because it looks like they’ve got a really strong group. And it’s about a dystopian society which is one of my favorite things in books/movies (I’m so weird haha).

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Theresa Couchman posted about Pixar’s new movie Brave, and you should go read it because I basically agree with all of it. She has this ability to write about all the things that bug me about movies- only more succinctly and with less parentheses, which I really appreciate. Preach it, sister.