A Very True Grit Christmas

http://opionator.wordpress.com/2011/03/01/true-grit/Merry (Belated) Christmas, everyone! I hope you had a really good, fun holiday with family, yummy food, and visits from Santa! My Dad insisted on watching True Grit before dinner on Christmas Day, and I think it might have to become a new Christmas tradition because it actually kind of fit in with all of the Christmas stuff we’d been doing. My family is just strange, I guess.

My Grandma got me The Lost Hero for Christmas, and I ended up staying up super late last night to finish it. I’ve decided that being able to stay up ridiculously late, just to read something for fun, and then sleeping in the next day is one of my favorite things about break. But now I can’t decide what to read next– I’ve been rereading The Lord of the Rings for the LOTR movie marathon we’re going to have when we get back to school (I’m on The Two Towers now), but since I finished The Lost Hero, I’m all excited to read The Son of Neptune. And then I went on Rick Riordan’s blog to find out when his next book is due (Fall 2012! I can totally manage waiting that long!) and he mentioned that Alan Bradley has a new Flavia de Luce novel out, I Am Half-Sick of Shadows, so now I can’t wait to read that. It doesn’t hurt that the title might be referencing “The Lady of Shalott,” which I wrote a paper on this semester, so that’d be a kinda cool connection. So many books to read, so little time.

Which is where the new header picture comes in. I decided to change the header for Christmas, and I thought it’d be fun to switch out the pictures every once in a while. Then the other day I saw this storm trooper on Weapon in Waiting, and thought he was hilarious, and combined my love of movies (not to mention Star Wars nerdiness) and books really well. So, for the time being, he’s going to be my header picture. Mwahaha.

I made a couple new pages for my list of Must-See books and movies right under the header. I figured it’d be a good way to keep them accessible so I can add to them whenever I read a new book or see a new movie.