Meanwhile, Back at the Ranch

I’ve been looking at way too many art blogs lately because they’re so pretty! My favorites are Brigid’s, Noelle’s, Alice’s, Charlie’s, and Keane Art. (Can I just say it feels weird to call them by their first names when I’ve never met them? The internet is weird…)

Looking at all those pictures inspired me to start doing my own doodles. And I’m going to post them here a) because I (surprisingly) like some of them and b) for all those art people who are like, “I spent forever on this, and it still sucks!” After looking at my drawings you will never feel bad about yourself again. I promise.

The right page is full of pictures I drew of myself (I found a 30-day challenge for drawing and I thought I might give it a go just for kicks.), which don’t really look like me.  (I can’t draw curves. Like at all. The one picture of me looks like a linebacker. And my hair doesn’t actually look like I drew it. Thank goodness!)

I’m actually kind of proud of these though. I think the chef turned out pretty well (I like his mustache and chef hat!) and the girl’s freckles are cute. The stick things on the cake are sparklers, by the way.

Doodling is fun, but it’s definitely proof that I made a good choice being an English major and not an Art Major, haha