Movie Night!

My brothers had never seen the Ocean’s Trilogy before, so it was a good thing that they got the entire series for Christmas, because I was going to make them watch it with me anyway. We watched Ocean’s Thirteen tonight, and I got a chance to re-watch all the moments I love; the V.U.P. winning $11,000,000, Linus working his fake nose (aka “The Brody”) and trying to drink, Basher dressed up as an Evel Knievel-wannabe, and Danny and Rusty crying at Oprah. Such a good movie! Jack and Andrew’s final verdict: Ocean’s Eleven is the best, followed by Ocean’s Thirteen and then Ocean’s Twelve. I feel like I’ve done my job here.

I caught some Hot Fuzz on TV today, and it was really strange; they edited out the language obviously, but they left the super graphic violence untouched. They took out the “piss” from the “P.I. Staker– Piss taker, come on!” joke, but left the reporter’s head being smushed into his shoulders by the church spire. I don’t understand the reasoning behind that. I share Nicholas’ confusion on this one.

A Ginger Haze Comic

I told you I’ve had a problem with art blogs lately! I saw this comic on Noelle’s (aka Ginger Haze) Tumblr, and it made me laugh. I thought it would also help explain my guy choices, which tend to be confusing and/or strange. Sorry for the language, but it was just too close to actual conversations I’ve had with Karen to pass up. I’ve been working on not liking the angsty/jerky characters in movies and TV shows, I promise. Now I like them along with all the dorky/ nerdy but still funny characters. (Chandler from Friends, anyone?) Which will eventually lead to this problem…

Another Ginger Haze comic

You have to click the little picture to see the entire comic. Sorry! I’m pretty sure that I could find a comic by Noelle to describe all the random aspects of my entire life. I’m not mean enough to put you through that though. But you should go check her stuff out, because it’s awesome!

P.S. Can I just say that I am totally in awe of Charlie Bowater? This “random sketch” took her 10 minutes. 10 minutes! I’m having my normal reaction to people who are super talented (in sports, dancing, music, art, cooking…); I stare in awe and wish I could do that. I’m really impressed. But it’s one of the reasons I love Noelle and her lack of elbows. And it definitely makes me appreciate all the work Mindy and Ryu put in because of their Art Major-ness.