Tale as Old as Time

I’m back at school and just had my second day of classes! Remember when I said that I wanted to read more this semester? Well, my professors must have decided to grant my wish because all of my classes are reading-intensive this semester. All of them. For my Children’s Literature for Early Grades class I have to read over 45 children’s books. For that class alone! (And I know they’re children’s books, but that’s still a whole lot of books, especially with the novels/plays/textbooks I have to read for other classes.) I think the reading for my other classes will be really interesting and I’ll definitely learn a lot, but I’m kind of struck by the irony of my New Year’s resolutions being fulfilled in 3 months. I’m just a little overwhelmed at the moment.

Shoomlah's Belle as a Historically accurate Disney Princess

But on the bright side, Beauty and the Beast is coming out again in 3d this Friday! I have no idea when I’ll actually end up going, but I really really want to because it’s my all-time favorite Disney Princess movie. I’m kind of tempted to wait until my birthday because that’s coming up soon, and that would be really fun. So I guess we’ll see!

I’m going to keep this short because I have to run to dinner and then to a meeting and then to rehearsal for Aida. But that’s a story for another post. Dun dun dun…