Hint: It’s not Real Banana

Poor Mindy had a bad ice cream experience today. I didn’t think that was possible, but apparently it is when Chartwells decides to experiment with the soft serve ice cream machine. Mindy can make really pretty ice cream cones while all of mine look like Elvis’ hair (don’t ask, it’s not cute) so she made a cone that turned out to be apple-pie flavored instead of vanilla It was weird, but kind of good at the same time; she didn’t like it so it became mine. So then she got chocolate. Which turned out to be “chocolate-banana.” Which sounds good, but actually tastes like a dry-erase marker. (Please don’t ask how I know that. I’m not sure either.) So the ice cream cone ended its sad, short, icky life in the bowl that had held Karen’s wrap and we passed the apple pie ice cream around to get the taste out. Afterward we were left with so many questions; “What kind of banana tastes that nasty?” (according to Karen, not the real kind. Wise words, Karen.) Mindy was wondering “Why would they do that to us?” but now that I think about it “Why did we all taste it after Mindy said it was gross?” is probably the real question here.

We told Nicole and April so they could avoid the ice cream and Nicole said, “Wow. If I had a blog, I would blog about that!” and pointed significantly at me. So this one’s for you, Nicole! Now back to the regularly scheduled programming.

Today I’m feeling apathetic. I think my brain’s still in “It’s Christmas I can do what I want cause no homework!” mode, which is not really meshing well with actually having homework. Yay. So I’m going to go to work and rip open cardboard boxes and put things away in the costume room because they had to pack everything up and clean it over break and all the clothes are nice and clean but I don’t know where anything is. Help!  But opening those boxes is strangely satisfying so after I do that for a while I’m going to come back and ask my Mom for suggestions for children’s books to read for that monster annotated bibliography. (I got really excited when I remembered that my Mom teaches 4th grade so she probably knows lots of age-appropriate books. Which I do not.)

Then hopefully after that I can watch a movie. Not really sure what I’m in the mood for right now, but I might end up watching How to Train Your Dragon, because I like vikings, especially when they’re clean and not rape-y and pillage-y. (Yes I actually said this at dinner. And yes, Karen and Mindy gave me very strange looks. And I think I might need a parentheses intervention soon. They’re just so much fun!)

Later this week I’m (hopefully) going to make a list of my favorite movie heroes to go along with my role models post from a few months ago. But for right now I think it’s time to go show those boxes who’s boss!