Are You Watching Closely?

So Captain Obvious statement of the day: I have been really bad about keeping up with SB this semester. I’ve just been buried by homework, musical shenanigans, and personal stuff. Some of it has been really really (and I mean really really) great, and some of it has been uber-stressful, but either way I have been too brain-dead to string together a coherent thought about any new movies I’ve seen, and you don’t want to hear about most of the things I’ve read for school. You would die of boredom and/or horror. Trust me.

Luckily I’m on Spring Break this week, so I’ll get to write up a few posts, but as soon as I get back to school I’ll disappear again for a couple weeks because Aida opens the 23… which kind of makes me want to hyperventilate just thinking about it. But I’ll be back with a bang after that because right after opening night we’re going to The Hunger Games premiere, and I’m so excited.

One thing I have gotten to do is cross a movie or two off my 2012 Read/Watch List, which you can read here. My last post I wrote about V for Vendetta, another movie on the list (which I loved), and I finally got around to watching another movie that came out 6 years ago- The Prestige. Now I’m sure that I’m the last one to this party, and honestly, I have no excuse; I had already seen The Illusionist and thought it was funny that two movies about magicians came out the same year- almost as if it was a competition. The logical conclusion would be to watch The Prestige to compare the two– especially when I heard (from several people) that The Prestige was better. But for some reason, I didn’t. And I’m totally kicking myself for not watching it a long time ago.

The fact that I loved the movie so much even though I was tired, fidgety, and a little cranky when I watched is proof of how good it is. At first Borden and Angier’s descent into obsession with being the best magician and figuring out the others’ secrets made me really sad. But then the ending completely blew my mind- it was one of the best movie endings I’ve ever seen. I’m really tempted to buy it now, because it was just that good.

It definitely helped that the cast was such a surprise- there’s the obvious Hugh Jackman, Christian Bale, and Michael Caine (Can I just say I love Michael Caine? He’s just way too cool), but there’s also David Bowie as a very accurate Nikola Tesla (according to Teddy, who’s a Physics major, so I figured he was a pretty reliable source), Andy Serkis as Alley, and Piper Perabo as Angier’s wife. Scarlett Johansson even plays a really interesting character and isn’t there just to be hot for hotness’ sake, which I thought was really cool for her (although her British accent seemed a little strange to me).

At the moment I’m really wishing The Prestige was on Netflix Instant, because Jack has never seen it before (and maybe just because I want to watch it again… haha). But unfortunately it’s not, and my Dad isn’t a big fan of me hijacking the queue, so I probably won’t get to watch it with Jack this week. Sad!