So to make up for my lack of posting lately, I thought it’d be fun to go through all the TV shows I’ve gotten into over the past year. I was surprised by how long the list is– I went from watching no TV my freshman year to having weekly Bachelor nights. Not really sure how that happened. This is the one post that could get me in trouble with my Mom– if she reads this she might think that all I do at school is watch TV. But I promise I don’t! Besides Bachelor night I just catch up with Castle and New Girl on Hulu, and watch the other shows if I have time on the weekends, or on really light homework days. So my TV problem isn’t really bad yet… the fact that I’m getting into most of these shows when they’ve been going for multiple seasons (or have wrapped completely) might be a problem, because that means I have to catch up…

  • The Bachelor- I know, I know, it’s ridiculous and cheesy and awful, which is exactly why I love it. You definitely have to watch it with other people for it to be funny though; on Tuesdays we completely take over the commons and surround a laptop to watch it on Hulu. Some people come in and out, but Karen, Jasiri, Ruthie, and Jennette and I all have to get our weekly dose of Ben-bashing. Honestly I just feel so bad for (or annoyed at) all these girls who are falling all over themselves for this kind of boring Joe Schmoe. When Nicki told Ben he was the best man she’s ever met on the last episode I wanted to barf– and then set her up with some cooler guys, because honestly, Ben’s kind of lame. And by “kind of” I mean “insanely.”
  • just got into Big Bang Theory this year so I’ve been trying to get caught up (I think I’m about halfway through the second season? Maybe in the third?). And it is awesome! What makes it even funnier is that four of my guy friends who room together have decided who’s who from the show and it’s hilarious. And come on, how can you not love guys who dress up like this:
  • love Castle.I know there are a billion and one cop shows on TV and even more shows that work on a will-they-won’t-they dynamic between two leading characters– but something about Castle is always really interesting. Maybe it’s the fact that it’s Nathan Fillion (and I love him) and Stana Katic (who is totally believable as a cop while being drop-dead gorgeous. So much coolness). And the supporting cast is really good too, especially Castle’s daughter Alexis, who is adorable even though she is the definition of a Type A overachiever (and sometimes on TV they come off as way too perky and obnoxious, to me at least).
  • a six-season run, I finally just started watching Chuck. And I’m quickly getting addicted. I like the twist on the “goofy-but-lovable slacker becomes super important and saves the day” theme, and I love Adam Baldwin as Casey (I’m sensing a trend- basically I love seeing Firefly actors in other TV series/movies). I love Yvonne Strahovsky as Sarah too, even though I’m kind of upset with her at the moment; I’m still in the first season and she lied to Chuck about not liking him, which is so annoying, because I want them to get together already! Although Lou came in the last episode I saw and she’s adorable… so now I’m torn. (And yes, I’m really behind on this show).

  • I’ve only seen a couple episodes of Heroes, but Mary Claire and I have decided to be “Heroes buddies” so we can be grossed out together while the boys laugh at us. Since I’ve barely started I can’t really say much besides the fact that I think the premise is a pretty interesting one. Watching it is going to be interesting though, because we have to work around 4+ people’s schedules, so we can only watch it every blue moon.

  • Honestly, it took me a while to get into New Girl; at first I couldn’t handle the awkwardness that is Jess Day. I don’t know whether Jess has mellowed a little or the male actors have stepped up their quirkiness levels so that Zooey Deschanel isn’t the only one acting absurdly weird, but either way, I’ve finally warmed up to this show. Enough to say that I would move into that apartment because it would be hilarious- although the landlord is super creepy. That might put a damper on move-in day.