Total Eclipse of the Heart

Yay for a cheesy 80’s song to go along with a cheesy movie! Rachael came over tonight and we started The Twilight Saga: Eclipse with Japanese takeout from Osaka’s and some ice cream. Hands down the best way to watch a cheesy movie.

Since most of my favorite Eclipse moments come from Charlie, I think I can safely say that movie-Charlie is my favorite character in the entire series (book-Charlie is kind of clueless and helpless, while movie-Charlie is really funny and has all the skills of a normal adult). The  scene where he broke up a fight between Edward and Jacob is my one of my favorites.

His sarcastic comments and “I can’t wait until you dump your creeper boyfriend” attitude provide some laughs that were actually intentional on the part of the film-makers. Who knew that was possible? It’s okay, Charlie, we both know you’re the smartest and funniest character in these movies. I first read the Twilight books and even when I watch the movies I’m always more curious about the minor characters’ back story than the actual story line. (Which is when you know there’s a problem with the story itself. Just saying.)  During the Third Wife story from the Quileute council meeting I found myself wondering about the first “Cold One” the Quileutes encountered. Part of it may have been because of his cool seventeenth-century costume, but I still think a story about vampires set in colonial America would be pretty interesting.

I also liked Jasper’s back story- I would totally read a book/ watch a movie about vampire wars across the western US and Mexico during the Civil-War era.  It’d be Wild West (which I love) meets Dracula…. Awesome. I didn’t “like” Rosalie’s back story because it was horrendously sad– but I appreciated that it gave her a chance to become more than the stuck-up, popular-girl character. And I especially love how she got revenge on her fiancee and all his creepy little friends. Her smirk when she says, “I was a little theatrical back then,” was the best part of that scene. Don’t worry, Rosalie, I’m not judging you for that at all. this talk about vampires and genre bending makes me excited to see Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter. It looks like it might fulfill my desire for a Civil War movie– with vampires. When I first heard about it I thought it was going to be dumb, but the trailer converted me. I think it’ll be really entertaining at least.