The Great Gatsby

So I kind of cheated a little on my 2012 Read/Watch List when I added Frankenstein and The Great Gatsby, because I had to read them both for a class this semester. But one thing that surprised me was that I expected to not like The Great Gatsby very much (I don’t know why… probably some random person told me that it was boring back in the day and I believed them) but I loved it, while I thought I’d really like Frankenstein and I couldn’t stand it. (The melodramatic tone just irritated me, and Victor Frankenstein is just really stupid– his constant excuses for ignoring and lying to his “loved ones” made me want to smack him upside the head. Rant over. Sorry guys.)

We were talking about The Great Gatsby in American Lit. yesterday, and my professor ‘s copy was all beat-up and tattered-looking, and I thought that was really cool because you can tell the book’s been well-loved. When I was younger I tried to keep my books pristine and thought it was sacrilege to write in the margins. Now that I’ve been writing papers I’ve started highlighting and writing all over my books, and personally I think it makes rereading the book more personal because you can see what you thought was important the last time you read it. (I still think dog-earring your spot is sacrilege, but that’s just me.) So I think I’m going to worry less about keeping my books nice and clean and just enjoy them, dents, scratches, tears and all.

Since I’d seen pictures of Leonardo DiCaprio and Carey Mulligan as Jay Gatsby and Daisy, I couldn’t help but picture DiCaprio as Jay, and I was really surprised when Daisy was described with dark hair near the end of the novel; I’d always pictured her as a blonde. I thought this was kind of funny, but I’m okay with it… I think DiCaprio will be really good as Jay, and I haven’t really seen any of Carey Mullligan’s movies yet, but I’ve heard good things about her  and I’m excited to see her as Daisy. Now I’m not so sure about Tobey Maguire as Nick Carraway…. I’m still not over Spiderman 3.