Super Hero Bros and Wild Things

I was really sad when I heard that Maurice Sendak died yesterday. I grew up loving Where the Wild Things Are, and we watched a documentary about him in Children’s Lit; not only was he an acclaimed children’s book author, but he designed the sets for stage versions of his books, which is really cool. One of the funniest things he said was that he originally meant for Where the Wild Things Are to be about horses, but he couldn’t draw horses to save his life, so he ended up just drawing “Things.” I also loved this story I read on Drunk Literature about the little boy who wrote a letter to him:

I got a chance to see The Avengers on opening night, but I forgot it was only Thursday (it was the first day after exams, but it felt like a Saturday) so I was really confused when they said we needed to leave early and they just gave me this crazy look and said, “It’s the premiere, Tabitha!” I don’t have trouble telling the days of the week… that’d just be sad.

I absolutely loved The Avengers; it took all the good parts of the individual heroes’ movies and made them even better. It was like a combination of a bro movie and a super hero movie, which was awesome! And Karen and I came out of the theater with new character crushes; she was geeking out over Bruce Banner the whole time (which was hilarious),  and I loved Hawkeye– he was like Legolas on steroids and I loved his relationship with Black Widow/Natasha. They were a really cool team and weren’t romantic, which I thought was interesting for a male/female superhero team. I really appreciated how awesome they both were. The only downside about having Hawkeye as my favorite (male) Avenger is that I have to eat my words from a previous post about Jeremy Renner– I’ve officially been converted. It doesn’t hurt that I saw the trailer for The Bourne Legacy, which is actually a sequel instead of a prequel, and has Renner as the spy following in Jason Bourne’s footsteps. I’m really excited to see it now!

If I had to pick an Avenger to be, it’d be a tie between Black Widow and Iron Man. She kicks butt and uses her femininity to trick the cocky bad guys into giving her any information she wants. I really want to be her when I grow up. (Unfortunately, I think it’s a little late for me to start working on gymnastics/ fighting/ spy skills. Sad day!) But I think  I would actually be more like Iron Man because of our mutual snarkiness (his “Doth Mother know you weareth her drapes?” line to Thor was one of my favorite lines) and honestly a big metal suit would be the only way I could be a super hero.

I found out that I have a whispering problem; apparently half the theater could hear me when I tried to whisper that Loki was compensating for something with his massive helmet horns. Whoopsy! That was a tad bit awkward. Tony Stark’s joke about 1 in 5 men having a performance problem did make me feel a little bit better; if he made the same joke, I couldn’t have scarred them all for life, could I?