Hot n’ Cold

So I tried Aztec chocolate ice cream at The Hop today, which has chili pepper and other spicy things in it. The girl behind the counter said that they’d put in more spicy stuff than normal, and I could definitely tell; as soon as you swallowed, all you could taste was chilies! Which meant, of course, that I had to scarf it down as fast as I could to minimize the third-degree burns in my mouth.

The really exciting part of that story though, is that The Hop is in Asheville, NC, where I’m working as a summer intern at God’s World News , the children’s division of World magazine. I’ve been proofreading the new edition of the Writing With World curriculum, and taking articles written for a specific age group and editing/writing them for a younger age group. It’s been really interesting, and I’m excited to work at a real publishing company! I’ve only been working here for a week and a half so far, but it’s been really fun so far!

I’m looking forward to exploring Asheville some more. It’s a really pretty city, and I really enjoyed exploring it over the past two Easter Breaks. Karen will kill me for putting this up, but here’s the funniest picture I took on my last trip when we visited the Grove Park  Inn.