A Very Merry Un-birthday!

It is officially the one year anniversary of Sight to Behold! Woot!!! I can remember when I was just excited that I’d made it one month, because I was always terrible about being consistent with journals and diaries. (You’ve probably noticed that that stays true of my blog posts, but we’re not going to talk about that…) And then, the post commemorating the one month-iversary was Freshly Pressed, and I got so many views in one day that I was making this face pretty much all day:

A lot has happened this year movie-watching wise; there was the epic saga of watching Little Dorrit last summer, dressed up for the Harry Potter premiere with Nicole, geeked out over movies like The Bourne Ultimatum, Ip Man, Hot Fuzz and The Princess Bride, and seen The Avengers premiere completely by accident.  I never got around to watching Anonymous or Jane Eyre; I got a little weirded out after hearing about all the incest in Anonymous, and I’ve never really been a big fan of mega-creeper Mr. Rochester, so I lost interest.

I also had some pretty big real-life changes too. I’m now an incoming junior in college (which is so crazy to think about!), I have a real adult job… well, internship, I’m rooming with just Karen next semester, but we’re moving down the hallway on Jungle a little ways, and I don’t know if you remember me mentioning Teddy, but we’ve been dating for almost three months now, so now I have an automatic movie-watching buddy, mwahaha. (Is it bad that I’m still figuring out how to share real-life stuff online without feeling like I’m putting out a deluge of TMI? Should probably figure that out sometime soon haha.)

All that to say, thanks for hanging out and listening to all my ramblings and putting up with my obsessions. Spy movies and super heroes have been the biggest phases, and I don’t see the super hero one dying out anytime soon (at least while people are freaking out about The Avengers on Tumblr. Seriously, scroll through at your own risk. There’s a ton of Avengers stuff on there!) So if you’ve been here long (or even if you’re new), you deserve a cake. But unfortunately I can’t give you one, so you’ll just have to make do with the Mad Hatter’s un-birthday cake.

(I don’t know why the video’s so big, but I don’t know how to make it smaller. Sorry for the technical glitch!)