Lady and the Tramp Dinner Night

Tonight it was my turn to make dinner, so I made spaghetti with homemade meatballs and my Mom’s really good craisin-walnut-pear salad. Yum!

I’ve been thinking about taking recipes and tweaking them for Themed movie/dinner/munchies nights. It would unite my movie nerdiness  with my obsession with… I mean, love for… food. Plus I think it’s fun to have a movie night with themed food. Before the Lord of the Rings marathon Karen, Ryu, Teddy,Dima, (and maybe James and John and MC too, I can’t remember) and I had last year we made Smitten Kitchen’s fougasse provencale because it looked kind of like a full-sized loaf of lembas bread. I know, I know, we’re ridiculously dorky, but in my defense, Dima and Teddy were the ones behind the initial decision. So of course, it’s clearly not my fault at all.

I’ve been making a list for different movie and food combinations; some that could work for a Harry Potter birthday party (kids still have those right?), mini strombolis for Sweeney Todd (I promise there won’t be any sketchy mystery meat), chicken and dumplings for True Grit, and goulash for The Bourne series. For next week’s dinner I’m planning a roast chicken inspired by The Hunger Games and Smitten Kitchen; I’m excited!