Nerd Time!

Today I finally came up for air after being buried in a pile of Shakespeare notes for the past week. This weekend was rough because my motivation, which had been going strong during the whole research process, promptly fizzled out as soon as it was time to write the actual paper. But I’m finally done, to Karen’s relief (for the record, I was surprisingly not doing a Godzilla impersonation–apparently I was just incredibly stressed. That seems to be a trend when 8-10 page papers turn into 10+ page papers because I wouldn’t be me if I didn’t over-complicate things.) So, I’m taking tonight off before I start working on my German test on Wednesday and three (!!!) presentations for Thursday. This week will be the death of me.

But this weekend wasn’t completely lost in a haze of Macbeth; I made it to Barnes & Noble Friday night because I was going to see The Smitten Kitchen Cookbook if it killed me.

For anyone who’s read this blog at all, or knows me in the real world, you’ve probably heard me rant about:

  1. How much I love the Smitten Kitchen recipes.
  2. How I have a food-crush on Deb and if she had a Food Network show, I would totally watch it.
  3. She’s writing a cookbook.
  4. It’s coming out in October.
  5. I just want to look at her cookbook because I won’t own it until Christmas at least and that is just too long to wait.

If you think I’m kidding, just ask Teddy. He was very aware of how excited I was for this book because I didn’t shut up about it for months.

So Friday night I convinced Teddy, Ruthie, and Jasiri to go on a Barnes & Noble run with me. After we wandered around the store aimlessly for a little while, we finally settled down at a table with our choices; Teddy was reading a book about physics and the universe, Jasiri had a book about cats (that Teddy had to go get for her because she didn’t want to look like a nerd), Ruthie had found every magazine in the store with Taylor Swift on the cover, and I was reading The Smitten Kitchen Cookbook like a real book. 

Jasiri joked that we were having “Nerd Time with Teddy,”  in her pretentious voice and we started laughing a little too loudly in the middle of Barnes & Noble… or was that just me?

And now that I’ve seen the book in person, I’m really excited! I was especially intrigued by her recipe for cinnamon toast french toast (which was actually previewed on the website here). I had tried to make French Toast crunchier by coating the bread in the custard and then dredging it in a little bit of sugar and cinnamon. It worked for frying things, so it would probably work for French toast, right? Wrong. Turns out, the sugar would cook faster than the bread, so it was impossible to get a fully-cooked piece of French toast that wasn’t charred on the outside. The sugar also would get sticky and leave a thick layer of gunk on the griddle, the spatula, and everything in sight. Needless to say, I think Deb’s recipe for making cinnamon toast before turning it into French toast is a very big improvement. I can’t wait to try out this recipe and all the others, so if I have any particular successes they might just show up here.

[Photo credit: Smitten Kitchen]