Below Average!

below average!


No, I didn’t get a C- in woodshop recently (or in any of my other classes hopefully…). But I did epically and fantastically fail at NaNoWriMo. I knew I wouldn’t be able to get 50,000 words, but I did even worse than I was expecting (like 700-900 words bad– but I did write two 10+ research papers, does that count?).

And you know what? It’s the best feeling! Granted, I would not be this happy about failing something important with real consequences, but it was oddly freeing to just completely bomb something. And the fact that I knew I was going to fail from the very beginning made it kind of fun. Besides the awkward moment when a girl on my hall said that she was doing “really badly” on hers, but actually had 10,000 words. Whoops!

And the best part is, I’m still excited about my story idea, which would not have happened if I had pressured myself to get more done. I would absolutely hate it and want to burn it with fire. Ironically, as soon as December rolled around I got a flood of inspiration, and even a first sentence that I didn’t despise in 10 minutes– which for me is the absolute worst part about writing anything– so I’m excited to try to bang something out over Christmas break.

So for anyone who failed at NaNoWriMo and is still getting emails for the “NaNoWriMo Winners,” it’s okay. There’s always next year, and until then we can keep working on our stories and be failures together!

Also, who decided to have NaNoWriMo in November? It’s absolutely the WORST month of the year to have something like that (besides December, of course). But seriously, what was the thinking behind that one?!?

P.S. I’ve been thinking recently that it’s high time for a SB makeover, so that will hopefully be happening in the next couple of weeks. I think I’ve finally gotten past the idea that my blog would look “boring” with a white background. So hopefully it’ll look all fresh and clean and grown up soon!

Photo courtesy of: Simply Boundless