2014 New Year’s Resolutions


Thank you to Annie and Karen for the wonderful pictures from Project Octopus

Man, has it been a long time since I’ve been around these parts. I didn’t realize it until I checked the other day, but it’s been over a year since my last post. A whole year! It’s been so long, in fact, that when I finally decided that I wanted to get back to blogging again, I contemplated starting a whole new blog. But after rereading some old posts, I decided that I didn’t want to delete this blog and all the memories and changes that have happened over the years I’d been blogging more consistently.

A lot of things have happened in the year I’ve been gone: I moved into my first apartment, started my senior year at Covenant College, started researching for my Senior Integration Project on the importance of food in Jane Austen’s novels, taken a wonderful Creative Writing: Prose class with Jeffrey and Anne Doe Overstreet that made me excited and hopeful about writing fiction (although not necessarily for a living). And last, but certainly not least, after an elaborate scheme involving secretive roommates, crocheted octopi, a P.F. Chang’s take-out bag, and a road-trip, I got engaged to Teddy (who was first mentioned on the blog here, with some other notable mentions, including the time I threatened him with coconut cake, the one-year anniversary of the blog and three-month anniversary of our relationship, and the time I dragged him to Barnes & Noble just to look at the Smitten Kitchen Cookbook).

2013 was a really big year for me, and 2014 is promising to be an even bigger year. I’ve made a list of all of the big “mile-marker” goals that I’ll be reaching this year, as well as some smaller, more manageable New Year’s Resolutions. Here’s to a new year of big changes, with plenty of good food, good friends, and more blogging in between!

This year, I will (in no particular chronological order):

  1. Get married
  2. Graduate from Covenant College
  3. Find a job
  4. Find a city/ apartment to live in


While I’m beyond excited to be done with my higher education and be married to my partner in crime, who helps me dream big while keeping me on my toes (see the above picture for Exhibit A), the idea of saying goodbye to my college friends and potentially moving to and finding a job in a completely new cityis pretty daunting. So as a way to deal with the big decisions while still maintaining my sanity, I’ve made some less intimidating New Year’s Resolutions:

  1. Paint more
  2. Pick up calligraphy again
  3. Write down all due dates, big and small, so it’ll be easier to stay on top of them
  4. Keep a notebook for each story idea (I only have 2 at the moment, so that’s not completely insane)
  5. Make at least three recipes from the new cookbooks I got for Christmas (more on those later)
  6. Watch one of the Pride and Prejudice movies while researching for SIP
  7. Take a friend on a coffee date
  8. Eat healthier
  9. Have people over at the apartment at least once a month for dinner (or dessert)
  10. Adopt a cat
  11. Write a new blog post at least once or twice a month

We’ll see how well I keep those resolutions once the spring semester and wedding-planning craziness begins, but for right now, I’m excited to revive the blog and begin a new chapter in my life.


Thanks again to Karen and Annie for all the pictures from Project Octopus, aka Teddy’s proposal. I love any puppet that looks like they belong in a Muppets movie.