Our (Sort Of) Snow Day


photo source: imdb.com

Even though there’s no snow, school’s cancelled for my little brothers and Mom tomorrow, which means two things: a Chuck marathon and a baking day! Yes, I know the last season of Chuck aired in 2012. Yes I know I’m really late to the game. And honestly, I got through the first two seasons sometime after the final season (and loved them), but without an easy way to access them I stopped watching. 

But now, thanks to the fact that all 6 seasons are now on Netflix Instant, I’m going to finally watch the whole series. My brother and Dad were complaining about me watching it the other day, but soon they were laughing their heads off, and begrudgingly admitted that they liked it. In other words, I win.

But as fun as binge-watching Netflix is, I don’t think I could last a whole day, and since my youngest brother has been talking about wanting to bake apple pie, I decided to have a baking day. One item on my to-bake list is a recipe I’m testing for Shanna and Tim Mallon of Food Loves Writing. I’ve been reading their blog for months, because I love Shanna’s essays about life and relationships and creativity, but to tell you the truth, I’ve never made one of her recipes (although I’ve pinned my fair share). They use whole, natural ingredients in their cooking, which I really appreciate, but most of the recipes call for specialty ingredients that are hard to find at my local grocery stores. But when they announced their new cookbook and asked for recipe testers, I decided that it was as good a time as any to take the plunge and buy a flour I’d never heard of before: Einkorn flour.

According to Shanna, “Einkorn is an ancient grain, often called the original wheat. While it has more protein than most other varieties of wheat and the same amount of gluten, the structure of the proteins is different and it has a more favorable gliadin to glutenin ratio (those are the two proteins that make up gluten), which makes it easier to digest for many. It is not hybridized, and works beautifully in both cooking and baking. What’s more, some people with gluten sensitivities find they have no problem with einkorn (source).” Since I’ve never used this flour before, tomorrow will definitely be an adventure. Obviously, since I’m testing a recipe for their new cookbook I won’t be discussing the recipe itself here, but I will probably talk about the differences between einkorn flour and all-purpose flour (since I’ve made the pastry multiple times, but always with all-purpose flour). I’m also making a couple other recipes tomorrow, one of which comes from the cookbook I got for Christmas, so I’ll definitely talk about that!

Stay warm tonight, and if you’re worried about your pipes bursting, run a little bit of water in one sink to keep the pipes from freezing! I don’t know about you guys, but I’m definitely starting to look forward to spring!