Tale as Old as Time

I’m back at school and just had my second day of classes! Remember when I said that I wanted to read more this semester? Well, my professors must have decided to grant my… Continue reading

Movie Night!

My brothers had never seen the Ocean’s Trilogy before, so it was a good thing that they got the entire series for Christmas, because I was going to make them watch it with… Continue reading

Meanwhile, Back at the Ranch

I’ve been looking at way too many art blogs lately because they’re so pretty! My favorites are Brigid’s, Noelle’s, Alice’s, Charlie’s, and Keane Art. (Can I just say it feels weird to call… Continue reading

New Years Resolutions

It’s almost 2012! I’ve been thinking about the past year, and while it was definitely a tough year sometimes, looking back it was a pretty good year. I know this is a cliche,… Continue reading

The Nerdy Joys of an English Major

3 guesses what I got at Barnes & Noble yesterday, and the first two don’t count. 🙂 I totally caved and bought The Son of Neptune, and it’s awesome! I’m going to be… Continue reading

A Very True Grit Christmas

Merry (Belated) Christmas, everyone! I hope you had a really good, fun holiday with family, yummy food, and visits from Santa! My Dad insisted on watching True Grit before dinner on Christmas Day,… Continue reading

Snark! The Harold Angels Sing

Karen saw this book when we were at Barnes & Noble and she said “Tabitha, that’s you!” I didn’t know if I should be worried or amused- does this mean I’m Grinchy? It… Continue reading

I Get my Kicks above the Waistline, Sunshine

This is one of my favorite lines that just so happens to come from a super random 80’s song about a chess tournament. Only the 80’s would have a song about chess. I… Continue reading


I was getting bored with my old theme, so I decided to mix it up a little bit with a new Theme and header. I’m just setting it up for a test-run, so… Continue reading

All for One, and One for All!

One more movie down on my movies-to-watch list! I finally got to see The Three Musketeers with Karen and my friend Laura Halfinger today and I was really surprised, because it was way… Continue reading